Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Intimate Strangers

Welcome to the beautiful island of Pelican Cay, a destination for lovers. Tropical breezes and crashing waves intensify emotions and heighten passion. Visitors come to escape only to discover who they are in the bargain. Seemingly solid destinies crumble like sandcastles on the shore and are transformed anew with an exotic flavor that’s both utterly captivating and unforgettable.
In book one of the Pelican Cay series, Intimate Strangers, Mac and Kate charter a fishing boat for the day and find their world turned upside down.
Can she ever forgive herself? Will she ever forget him?

When newly engaged couple, Mac and Kate take a celebratory fishing trip off the island of Pelican Cay, they never dream their romantic bliss is in jeopardy.

What happens will test Kate in ways she never saw coming, make her question what she understands about her own heart, and lead her into the arms of another man.

This exciting short story has it all; romance, terror, passion, betrayal, and a happy ending, of course, but perhaps not the one you'd expect.
We also meet two of the characters in the next Pelican Cay story, Tarnished Hero.
Falling for Hero is easy. Forgetting he was her mother's lover? Impossible.

When Danica Strauss catches sexy Hero Hernandez stepping out of her mother's shower, their instant and intense attraction is most unwelcome.

The quintessential cougar, Margarite Strauss won't be denied when she wants something...or someone. That is, not until her daughter flies home unexpectedly and pulls her boy toy right out of her arms. Emotions run hot. Passions run even hotter.

Will Dani be able to accept what can't be changed and give her heart to Hero?

All of these characters are real, normal people with flaws and fears, hopes and dreams. But planned or not, life happens, humans are tested and, like sea-birds caught in a storm, they’re sometimes forced to fly to unfamiliar shores. What they take away from the experience, and find in the bargain, will be entirely up to them.

Tarnished Hero will be followed by a third Pelican Cay story, Dark Storms. Adriana and Gabe will weather a fierce hurricane and find love amidst the chaos and debris.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Intimate Strangers by Tara Mills

Today's the debut of our Forbidden Love series featuring none other than Tara Mills' amazing story Intimate Strangers.
When newly engaged couple, Mac and Kate, take a celebratory fishing trip off the island of Pelican Cay, they never dream their romantic bliss is in jeopardy. 

What happens will test Kate in ways she never saw coming, make her question what she understands about her own heart, and lead her into the arms of another man. 

This exciting short story has it all; romance, terror, passion, betrayal, loss—and a happy ending, of course. 

Available on for $1.49

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New Submission Call!!

New Submission Call: Breaking Barriers
A woman working in a “man’s” field, like coal-mining. A man trying to fit in and be accepted with all his female co-workers, like at the nurse's station. Do you have a romantic story that revolves around the MC(s) breaking some sort of job barrier because of or in spite of his/her gender? Any heat level and any romantic pairing are possible. Word count 15,000-50,000. Shorter pieces will be considered for an anthology.  Please submit the completed manuscript with synopsis to Ann at by May 31, 2014. Please title your email with Breaking Barriers. Expect a response to your query in 2-4 weeks.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Teaser of Book two by Jane Hunt - Jasmine and Zane's story

Jasmine and Zane's Story - Valentine Update and Exclusive Excerpt

I've been writing Jasmine and Zane's story for a few weeks now and whilst I still have some way to go I wanted to share an exclusive extract from the first chapter. Love to know what you think.


         ''Run Zane. Warn Lukas. I got this.'

          He couldn't risk replying. Shifting back to his wolf would make him faster but the city streets were full of chattering voices as people hurried to work. He must keep his wolf identity secret from the human world.  He backed out of the room with reluctant steps not wanting to leave Lukas's sister in danger but her message repeated itself in his head, a litany he couldn't ignore. He must find Lukas. As he crossed the landing and ran down the stairs he considered the best method of communication with the dragon lord; unsure of Lukas' current whereabouts since he last saw him in the Italian Dolomites.           Outside the sun had climbed higher in the sky, the previous deserted streets now teemed with humanity, fortunately all preoccupied with their own thoughts. It was still a little early for the tourists who sauntered at a more leisurely pace. He walked towards the canal. Using the water as a communication medium would be the quickest way to reach Lukas' dragon. He walked briskly, his long legs eating up the short distance between the palazzo and the water. As he turned into the square he sensed someone close by. He scanned the crowd, no one seemed interested in him but a supernatural wouldn't be overt. He looked over his shoulder the titan hair betrayed her, Jasmine.

         Zane attributed the multitude of butterflies in his abdomen and his quickening heartbeat to Adrenaline produced by his need for flight rather than sexual excitement at seeing his witchy lover. No time to find out why she was here the demon could be in pursuit. To acknowledge Jasmine's presence would put her on the demon's radar. First contact Lukas. No distractions. His hair fell over his eyes as he shook his head to clear Jasmine's image and the memories it evoked from his mind. She couldn't be real just another illusion from his fevered imagination. Jasmine dominated his torrid dreams as he relived their passion on a nightly basis. Despite his resolve the timing of her appearance disturbed him. Perhaps the demon picked her out of his subconscious and taunted him? The other explanation bothered him more. If Jasmine sensed the danger he faced she would reach out to him telepathically.  Given Jasmine's clairvoyance and empathy it would explain her appearance. He cleared his mind. Whilst her presence was poignant and worthy of investigation time was short it would have to wait.

         The shimmering water dazzled him. This would only work if he became the wolf; the risk of drowning much greater in human form. He searched for a quieter spot away from the waiting gondolas and their ever present gondoliers.  Flies buzzed around the bags of rubbish awaiting collection behind one of the numerous alfresco cafes'. There between the bins was the only place. He dived behind them gagging at the odour of rancid food and the scattering of rodents who sensed a predator in their midst. He tore off his clothes mindful of his need to redress later when he regained his human form. He embraced the pain of muscles stretching beyond their human endurance, bones cracked and reformed as he shifted into his true form. The silver wolf sniffed the air, no human scent in the immediate vicinity. He crept from his smelly hiding place and ran towards the water. A sharp gasp curtailed his dive into the water. His gaze locked with Jasmine's watery, emerald stare. Her hand reached out to him he hesitated but before he acknowledged her his hackles rose as he sensed danger close by, somewhere behind Jasmine. He must go. If he lingered he risked himself and Jasmine who would be collateral damage in the demon's pursuit. He leapt into the dark, still waters of the canal with Jasmine's screams ringing in his ears.'

©Jane Hunt 2014

I am running a poll until 28th February to help me decide on the title for the second book in The Dragon Legacy. So far my suggestion 'The Revenge Masquerade' is most popular.  
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A Rafflecopter giveaway accompanies the poll and the winner will be drawn after 28 February 2014 and receive an E-book of The Dragon Legacy and a Crackle necklace.
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Hi lovely friends!
I’m Calida Ally, one of, Crimson Frost Books, authors.
Love. What a beautiful, beautiful word. I have always been fond of the word but the moment I really understood its true meaning was, when I picked up my very first ‘grown up’ romance book at the age of twelve. That was the moment I fell in love with the word and all it encompasses.
After reading many, many fantastic romance novels, I found that I too wanted to write about sexy heroes and feisty heroines.  With it nearly being Valentine’s Day, if I may, I’d like talk a little about my debut novel, ‘Chara’s Song’.
Thanks to the very wonderful, Crimson Frost Books, ‘Chara’s Song’ will be coming out soon! Woohoo! I have seen the cover for Chara’s Song and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! I can’t wait to share it with you all!
 If you love sexy singers, romance, conflict and a whole lot of sizzle between the Hero and Heroine then I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘Chara’s Song’. Here is a little teaser from ‘Chara’s Song’
The potency of the sexual energy which sparked between them made it almost impossible for her to breathe. Did he have this effect on every woman? She wondered as she waited for his response.
“Are you in some sort of a hurry, Miss Bennett?” he asked lazily, not answering the question she had put to him.
If that piqued your interest, you’ll be able to read the whole book when it’s released!
Thank you to everyone for their very kind, continuous support!

Happy Valentine’s Day! J

Saturday, 8 February 2014


The modern Valentine's Day poem is a English nursery rhyme, Gammer Gurton's Garland(1784):
The rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it should be you
Hello readers and authors, we here at CFB are happy to wish you a happy romantic holdiay.  We hope you spend it with someone you love.  If you are so inclined, read or write a story of love.  Ciara Lake and Patricia Bates love to write romance and now they love to share other author's stories here at CFB.  We have a growing collection of wonderful romances of various heat levels.  Indulge and enjoy a romantic week of passion and love.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Italian Lakes The perfect Setting for a Sexy Fantasy

The Italian Lakes the Perfect Setting for a Sexy Fantasy

If you've already read The Dragon Legacy you will know it is set in the picturesque English Lake District, an area I know really well and love. If would like to read about the setting for The Dragon Legacy head over to Mac Rome's blog 'Stories of Romance'.

 The next book in the series features two characters from The Dragon Legacy; Jasmine and Zane. I loved Jasmine a young witch and Zane a shape-shifter whose alter ego is a beautiful silver wolf from the moment I created them for my first book but I had to play down their role because The Dragon Legacy was Fleur and Lukas' story.

When creating a story I decide where the story will be set first I love lakes and mountains and I can easily imagine dragons flying in the skies and hiding in mountain caves and wolves roaming the woodland that clings precariously to the hillsides.

I decided on the Italian Lakes and Venice for Jasmine and Zane's romantic adventure.

Lake Garda is a beautiful dichotomy of rugged often snowy mountains and clear calm lakes bordered by pretty villages and towns. The first picture shows Lake Garda. The second Bardolino a town close to Lake Garda famed for its wine. The grapes used in the wine grow on the surrounding hillsides.


(Lakeside Path heading north towards Bardolino Taken by A W MacFadyen. released by owner to public domain.)                                                                                                                                       

(Bardolino Taken by A W Macfadyen Released to public domain.)

 Venice will also feature prominently because of its romantic ambiance and the mystique it creates in my imagination. Steeped in history it will make a lovely setting for my paranormal characters. I think this picture illustrates it perfectly.

{{Imagecredit|credit=Astrid Zasburg|

I'll be back blogging here on 13th February 2014 and will have an exclusive excerpt from Jasmine and Zane's adventure.

In the meantime check out my blog Jane Hunt Writer First Steps where I am running a poll to decide on the title for Jasmine and Zane's adventure. The title I like best will win an e-copy of The Dragon Legacy and a crackle handmade necklace as featured on my Pinterest board The Dragon Legacy -Fleur . Poll runs from 1-28 February 2014.